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Behran car co. with over 40 years of experience in industry of Elevator and Escalators has licences from:

 Membership in chamber of Industry and mine -

  Membership of Elevator and Escalator Syndicate -

 Licensure of design and montage of Elevator and Escalator from organization of Industry and Mine -


About Us

This company has started its activity in the field of installation and elevator operations under name of "Royzan Technic" on 1979 and triggered nearly 73 various importable units of elevators in different zones of Tehran (namely service and maintenance of elevators)

This company has changed its name to "Behran car". Forming a new managing group, Behran car put its strength on achieving the best designation goals and advanced technology and made an evolution in elevator industry by forming a detailed structure of elevators. The main activities of this company are sale - installation and triggering - services, maintenance and support services.

Goals of our Company

• Creation of new ideas in order to offer services with highest and increasing quality in the shortest time and utilization of experimental and scientific findings (special elevator structure).

• Increasing security of consumers and technical cadre, services and maintenance, development of specialties of company and forming an expert and qualified team. A new innovation in improving quality of Elevators and escalators

• Utilization of latest technical and industrial experiences and delicate standards and support services is the highest priority for this company, which had achieved within these years with experiences in production and installation and triggering elevators (Hydraulic-car lift, hospitals, home lifts) this company could achieve and present good quality services and opened a new path in this field.


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Central office: no.121, 12th floor, Saba Tower, Next to Shahid Atefi ave, Afriqa Blvd(Jordan) , Tehran-Iran

Tel / Fax: +98 21 22050079, 22021419, 22651454
Cell Phone: +98 9393057403