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Behran car co. with over 40 years of experience in industry of Elevator and Escalators has licences from:

 Membership in chamber of Industry and mine -

  Membership of Elevator and Escalator Syndicate -

 Licensure of design and montage of Elevator and Escalator from organization of Industry and Mine -



This company has been founded under name of Behran car with a new managing group aiming to achieve the best designation goals and production with an advanced technology and elevator & escalator engineering in Sales, installation and triggering, services, maintenance and support.

This company have succeeded in making contracts of which we can mention some in the following:

• Mehr Abad Airport: passenger elevator of second watchtower
• sale and installation of 6 staircase units in Kish commercial centre
• sale and installation of 2 elevator units in Kish commercial centre with capacity of 900 kgs
• Yasaman Project: 1 VVVF passenger unit and 1 VVVF Panorama unit
• Tochal Complex(72 flats) : Tochal 21th, 4 passenger elevators
• Juridicial armed forces complex: Vali Asr St, 1 VVVF unit
• Department of Commerce : Vali Asr SQ. , Renovation of 1 VVVF passenger unit
• Former barrier: Sistan & Baloochestan, VVVF declivitous elevator
• Islamic Azad University of Golpaygan: 1 VVVF passenger unit
• Islamic Azad University of EslamShahr: 1 Panorama Hydraulic passenger Elevator
• IKCO : Iran Khodro, Motor generating unit, 1 feeder unit
• Behesht : Shariati St, 1 VVVF Gearless passenger unit, capacity : 13 persons, 10 stops
• Mansour Gilan sample Project: Loshan Industrial Town, VVVF 2 passenger units (being installed)
• Loshan steel Project: Loshan Industrial Town, 1 VVVF Passenger unit (Being Installed)
• Chavoshi Project : Mottahari st., 2 VVVF passenger unit
• DarAbaad Project: Pour Ebtehaaj St, Behind Niavaran Palace, 1 VVVF Gearless passenger elevator
• Saba Tower : Afriqa st, after Gas station, 2 Passenger elevator units
• Olfati Project: Shahr-e-Rey, 1 VVVF Gearless Passenger elevator
• Shiraz Project: Shiraz, Chaman Blvd, 1 passenger elevator, 1 passenger unit in Maali Abaad
• Sooratgar Project: Elaahieh, Eastern Maryam,1 hydraulic home lift elevator
• Ghobbe Project: Shahrak Gharb, Iran zamin st. 1 hydraulic Home Lift elevator
• Lavasan Project: 1 Home lift Passenger elevator
• Velenjak Project: 1 Home lift Passenger elevator
• Baagh Beh Project: Vali Asr St, 1 Home lift Passenger elevator
• Cheshm Andaz commercial building: Sattarkhan, 1 Passenger elevator
• Railway : Railway SQ. Shahid Kalantari building,1 passenger elevator
• Nobonyad Project: Kalbgan st, 1 passenger elevator

This company is assignment party of organizations, offices and third parties in the field of sale and installation and triggering passenger, freighter, automobile and hospital elevators.

Best Regards
Sales manager: Ms.Mahmoodi
Behran car Co.


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